viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2014

TV Show

When I was a child, a TV show that I really like was Kablam. It was about a lot of differents animated sketches. Their protagonist was a pair a kids called Henry and June, and they presented the sketch.
I remember specially two sketches: "Prometheus and Bob", and the "Action league now".
The first was about a alien who go to the earth in the prehistory and try to teach a caveman how to do  things like use the fire, read, use a TV, or even boxing. Obviously it always happens with a really hilarious touch, like that a monkey appears and stole the remote control of the TV. At the end, The caveman usually ends playing with the monkey meanwhile the alien suffer in one way or another.
The other sketch, Action League Now, was a sort of parody of the Justice League (in that years I was not know what was that) but with Action figures. Each one have a super power; one of them can melt himself, another can fly, even was one that have the super power of be naked. One of the things that I found awesome of the show is that it was filmed only using figures action, and how there wasn't a hand moving them. 
They have another sketches, but I think this two was the most funny.

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  1. A lot of memories comes to my head with Kablam. I valuate it because I consider that was an amazing series, maybe a little advance to its time. I think I remember my childhood with a great feeling because of things like this.

  2. Oh, this is so old. I think I never understood this programme though :/

  3. I had never heard about this programme and to me sounds very strange, but fuuny too (: