viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2014

The greatest chilean of all time

I think that the greatest Chilean of all the time may can be José Domingo Gomez Rojas; he was an student and a poet. He live between the year 1896 and the 1920. That era was characterized for a lot of social movements who fight for different thing like the social question, the education, the taxes, etc.
He actively participates in a lot of manifestations, and he wrote a lot of poems and essays about the problems of the Chilean society of his time.
He was student in the pedagogic institute of Chile and the school of law, and there he work in the Student federation of Chile, but he was mainly involve in the assembly of the radical young people. Also he was part of some intellectual groups, like The X (Or ‘the ten’).
Unfortunately, in 1920 the Chilean government moves some troops to the north, because supposedly there were some secrets antecedents that make possible a war with Peru. But that was a fake. In this way, is decreed martial law, fact that is used to take prisoner Gomez Rojas without reason.
There, He was constantly tortured, but that doesn’t stop him of write poetry. In the 29 of September, he died. His friends and his family tells that they remember him being taken for the policy in the protest while he smiles and sings ‘A las barricadas’.

I think that if he still alive, I don’t would make him only one question. I think that I will ask him for his experiences, in the city, in their intellectual groups, in their organizations, in prison.

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  1. wow! Gomez Rojas... a great character that represents the freedom and poetry

  2. I think that people with social awareness like him deserves the catgory of being the greatest Chilean of all time.

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  4. Hi!
    Jose Domingo Gomez Rojas was a exceptional poet and a great fighter.

  5. OMG I didn't know him D: well now I have no excuse to read him x)