viernes, 21 de noviembre de 2014

Piece of new Summary

I choose a column of a man called Tim. Tim have a children, called Louise. She asked to him about the point. “The point of what?” he ask back. “You know. Living. Everything”.

In the column, Tim shows the different answers and messages that the people used to use with their children, and he makes reflections about it. Messages like ‘the point of the life is to be happy’ or ‘the point of the life is to be a good person’. The problem to the writer is that if you tell that toy a child, he or she gonnas to pursue that goals, and in the personal experience of Tim, that type of things are thing that you more pursue, their more seemed to elude you. There is no problem if you feel good or happy, but that things transpired. You don’t have to pursue them. People who tried desperately to be good gets depressed.

 “To serve god” is not a good answer too. There are so many gods and a lot of ways to serve them. The problem is that the child will internalize moral courage only because it’s feeling like an obligation. The people shouldn’t act with moral courage because they ought to.

 “Follow your dreams” is another possible answer, the answer of the Disney movies. In the writer point of view, we have capacities and weakness, and we can’t do everything. We have limitations and is good to know them.

“Muddle through, roll with the punches and hope for the best.” Is the common sceptical answer, it’s not inspiring but at least is honest, because he combines the luck and the chaos of the life.

At the end, Tim admits to not have an answer but if He has to response honestly, he would say: “The point of living, Louise, is to try to get back as an adult what you are shortly going to lose as a child.” To Tim, the children know that the life has no purpose; they only live in the moment. The adults forget how to do that.

I choose this piece of new because I think that the children have questions to everything, and the answer of the people can have a lot of effect in their mind through all their lives. I think that the children have the advantage of have no certainty, so they can question all. 

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  1. I would answer that the point of living is laughing and love a lot :)