viernes, 10 de octubre de 2014


I think that really never was in a big festival, maybe because they don't attract me a lot. Maybe some celebrations like the new years in the ñuñoa square with some friends, and a lot of concerts, even one where in the line, the people begins to drinks alcohol and suddenly they throw the cans of beer trough the air, and there was raining beer.

But well, I think that the last special celebration that I remember was a travel that I do with my best friend to Valparaíso. We stay in a house of a friend of her. Her family was all musicians, I remember a spanish man who was exactly like the Quijote, but with a guitar instead of a spear.
I remember that we go to a bar, and sings all the songs that was playing in the place. I was a little drunk and unintentionally I enter to the girls bathroom, I didn't noticed it until I leave.

There we travel to the streets. We see a lots of mural, they seems really different in the night.
I remember that we talk with a lot of people that we meet there. Even it wasn't a special date, the streets was full of people celebrating.
At least, we go home to sleep. In the morning the householder wake up us with some natural orange juice, very good to the hangover. It was really great.

I think that this is all that I can speak about that day.

(Now that I remember good, I guess that I have been in some festivals and celebrations, but that would be write in other blog).

4 comentarios:

  1. jajajjaja! I want the beer's rain...
    The orange juice is the better to the hangover :3

  2. Valparaiso is great even more in the night. Regards

  3. Many persons say that Valparaiso is a great place for be happy in the night. I need to confirm this theory :D

  4. Valparaiso is fantastic and your people is very fanny