viernes, 29 de agosto de 2014


I'm going to write about a country that I would like to visit. It was really hard to choose just one country, but well, I think that I'd visit England. I think that I choose that country because I have some many good references of there like some writters and musicians.
I don't really have interest to know all the monuments of the country, but I would like to walks trought the most poor neighbourds, or listen some up and comings bands in a bar. I really would enjoyed listen to the sex pistols or black sabbath in their earlier moments of their carrers, haha. And if I have to visit some place, I'd go to a Library, to look some books of Wilde, Godwin, Hume, and some more really old books.
I really want to know Ireland, and the history of the IRA movements. I don't know why but I found it so interesting and exciting.
 I'd like to walk around the streets of the city, maybe tasting the cakes, I had hear that they are so sweets. I would like too the english cigarretes, even when I don't know if they are differents of the cigarretes of here.
Anyway, visit England one thing that I really like to do someday. 

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